La boîte de Charlie loves Mama’Lou!

What a great afternoon filled with joy!

We had such a great time at Mama’Lou  last  wednesday during our Read&Play workshop. It was the place to be if you wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee while your kids were having fun with us.

Lauren, our storyteller, got your little bilingual monsters into Charlie’s magical world and her crown.

We could see them wonder, marvel and smile.

It is certainly always a pleasure to organise our workshops. This is a sharing, relaxing and creative moment where you learn more about our beautiful French culture…in English and French.

That’s right, all that within 1h30! Don’t you think it’s worth it?

So don’t wait anymore and book you ticket for our next event on Wednesday 3 April at L’atelier Geneviève. This event will be different because we offer you the goûter, yummy!



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