How was the Read&Play workshop in partnership with Kid’iwi?

I know, I know…you can’t wait to know more about what happened during our Read&Play workshop in partnership with Kid’iwi in Hélène et Compagnie kids’ store yesterday afternoon?

Well, what do you think? A beautiful sunny day (here comes Spring!), a great location, a team on fire but most of, little ones cute as hell, that we basically would have eaten up. Yep, true story! 

Camille, our wonder storyteller, captivated this young audiences’s attention. They were at first shy and reserved and then, those little bilingual monster turned out to reveal themselves during the workshop.

And, parents were delighted as well. So let’s just enjoy the pictures…

We see you for our next Read&Play workshop on Wednesday 20 March 2019 at Mama’Lou ‘s! 

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