2018 Fabulous Xmas Market: results of our contest

Let’s go back just a few short days ago…or let’s say last year then ;).

Can you recall our last event? Yes, you do, of course!

Before enjoying those holiday breaks, La boîte de Charlie has attended the Fabulous Xmas market, the last event of the year, which was a great opportunity to talk about our series of bilingual books, our bilingual read&Play workshop and to meet new aficionados.

There was everything for an enjoyable time with the other artisans from various backgrounds.

However, the holidays period combined with the « Gilets jaunes » riots didn’t help. The day happened to be very calm. But still, we were in a festive mood, and decided to launch a little contest for the people that came to visit us in order to make them win beautiful surprises.

And the winners are …

Indeed, we have a winner. Actually, we have two winners! Well yeah, this is how we do it in La boîte de Charlie, we like to share gifts. 

The first winner has won one free ticket to our bilingual Read&Play workshop and the second one will receive its own Eiffel Tower papertoy.

The goal was very simple. They had to guess the French translation of two English sayings. 

Simple comme bonjour, non ?! 

We won’t say more…you will have to play next time!


source (photo): rawpixel-574835-unsplash

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