The St Sylvestre world tour!

Bonne Année ! Happy new year ! Felice anno nuovo ! с Новым годом !

She is here, knocking on the door! Who’s that? The new year !

This is of course a new excuse to party with family and friends, but it’s also the moment to take time and the opportunity to appraise the past year’s achievements.

New year’s resolutions or bucked list for 2019, choose your own way to launch the new year.

Everybody has its own tradition

In Germany, while firecrackers are exploding, children and parents gather around and watch on TV “Diner for one”, an old black and white English drama movie, which has been broadcasted since 52  years by all regional German channels.

Underneath the Italian women’s skirts, you will find red underwear  to bring love in the coming year. Although, in Chili, they will chose canary colored underwear! 

When the clock strikes midnight, Mexicans dream about travelling and go on a stroll around the neighborhood with their suitcases. And the Spaniards eat their twelve grape seeds. 

For the bravest ones, in Canada, you can go take a dip in an ice-cold water as a polar bear!

Photo by Eva Blue on Unsplash

If you want to celebrate the New Year during 2019, you can go to China at the beginning of February, to Iran on March 21st or Thailand in April!

Whatever choice you make to mark the entry into the New Year, we wish you all the best and offer you this citiation:

Let the dream devours your life so that the life does not devour your dream. 

Antoine de Saint-exupéry

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