Tell me, what is a Solidarity Christmas?

December has arrived : the children’s favorite period !

You have to admit that there is a special atmosphere: lights and Christmas decorations are invading the streets, and children who keep asking every morning « is it Christmas yet? ».

The traditional Advent Calendar became our best friend to make them wait until then. Those of us who are more fortunate, Christmas is the best time to share real happy moments in family, to spoil our children and to see the lights in their eyes when the magics is starting.

“The more we share, the more we possess.That is the miracle!”

Well, this year, let’s make something different! We would want to raise their awareness about the notions of utility, solidarity and inclusion. Find below various ways to do that:

  • Purchasing your Christmas gifts in ethical and solidarity Christmas Markets. That will give you some original and creative ideas from some community artisans, merchants, or young environmentally-friendly entrepreneurs. Some tips : Marché de Noël utile et solidaire  from Good Planet Foundation (free entry). Also, you can go to the Fabulous Xmas Market at Bellevilloise and visit our stand!
  • Donating warm clothing and toys. Many foundations and associations collect many things to help the most needy. It is probably the best time to sort through our children’s bedroom and to choose with them what they would like to donate. It is very important to include them in the process (especially the toddlers) and make them choose which toy they want to give so they calmly accept and understand this act of generosity. At the beginning they refuse but don’t panic! Take the time to explain them that those toys will make happy other kids and they would be able to make some room new Christmas gifts. They will surprise you, i’m telling you ;-). Being generous will make them feel involved and proud. For example, you can participante to the Green Santa Claus operation form Secours Populaire. For more information, ask your City Hall.

Let’s celebrate Christmas in a different way and try not forgetting about the true meaning of this special holiday which should not be only about buying. 


Source (picture): (Jill Wellington)

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