Let’s make an ecological Advent Calendar?

3…2…1… let’s go!!

Every year on December, the countdown is on. We all want to thank this German editor who had the brilliant idea in the 20th Century to conceive a calendar in order to make for his own children to wait. 

But at the beginning, the tradition wanted this calendar to be full of sacred images. Since then, it has improved in various forms. Now, it’s just about one more thing to put in a shopping cart without even taking time to reflect.

However, it’s for sure a great occasion to transform this automatic purchase into a sharing moment with our child. 

Also, this is a small step as a parent living in the 21st century trying to avoid industrial products and sugars which have harmful effects on our children, and to encourage eco-friendly attitudes.

That is why we invite you to create your own Advent Calendar. 

You can chose different solutions regarding your tastes and preferences. The main idea is to use a lot of recycled materials.

So one tip: don’t wait for November 25th to think about it! 🙂

Here’s one simple idea: a calendar in a festive traditional form!

To do that, you need:

  • 24 wasted paper toilet rolls (or 12 if you decide to cut them in half). Think about other paper rolls or something else.
  • Wasted wrapping paper
  • A spool of twine or small rope

Then, easy as a pie, fill the paper toilet rolls with your surprises and hang them one after another with the rope!

No need to buy more things in ‘made in china’ plastics that will probably end up in the trash…we all do it! 😉 

You could put something like little phrases, thoughts or activities to do with your children! 

For example: « Today, your mission is to go on a walk in the forest and pick up some pine cones to decorate the Christmas tree ». Or « this is a ticket for a kiss or a hug. Show it to the person of your choice, each time you want to give or have a hug ».

If your children are greedy, you can of course rotate with some lovely chocolates from your community artisans or just handmade cookies. 

In conclusion, be confident and creative! What really matters is to surprise them (yes it happens sometimes). This is the perfect to have a moment of sharing with your child and to explain your choices. 

The magic of Christmas is the possibility to experience different things with the children so go for it!! 

Source photo : www.pixabay.com (Ulrike Mai)

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