What is La boîte de Charlie?

La boîte de Charlie is THE educational and fun toolbox to promote foreign languages and the French culture among bilingual families from here and abroad: series of bilingual books for kids aged 4 to 7 (French-English), games, creative workshops.

They will be able to follow Charlie, a bilingual little girl, through the History of France and its regions.

La boîte de Charlie - Tour Eiffel

All our books have small stories written in French. An English translation is also available at the bottom of each page.

Some key words are in different colors so they can be identified more quickly. The translation and the phonetics will facilitate the understanding and the pronunciation for the families.

Our « Cherche et trouve » game (Seek and find) will keep the kids entertained and make the experience funnier.

« Charlie au secours de la Tour Eiffel » is the first volume of the series. The content is meant to be amusing and interactive. The readers will enjoy discovering stories about the construction of the Eiffel Tower while immersing themselves in the French language.

Who is Charlie ?

Charlie is an intrepid 6-year-old girl.

She and her expatriate parents are moving to Paris. Her mother is English and her father is French.

Charlie discovers her new bedroom and finds a strange object: a crown.

She puts it on her beautiful curry head. She immediately finds herself in different periods of the French History.


Mayghan DOLMY

Mayghan Dolmy

«Everything is possible»
Mayghan is the Mum of a bright little girl named Charlie. She has always been passionnante about learning and teaching foreign languages. After a literary education programme, she decided to take her backpack and move to England. She came back from this « solo adventure » believing that being open to other cultures and languages is something essential.

When she became a mum, she felt the urge to pass her passion on to her daughter. That is why Charlie attends a bilingual school.

When Mayghan began looking for specific books in English for her daughter, she realized that there were no real literature and creative activities for kids from bilingual families living in France and around the world who would want to be introduced to the French language and its culture. So she wanted to create her own books that would meet the needs of these.

« Va dove ti porta il cuore » – follow your heart

Sandrine joined the adventure few months later. After 15 years working in Finance, she decided to quit her job in order to become a freelance Consultant.

She found a message on social networks from Mayghan. After hours of discussions on the phone, a duo was born!

Above all, it was a meeting of minds on a human level. Graduate from a literary education programme as well, Sandrine is a Mum, and from two different cultures. She clearly shares similar interests for foreign languages with Mayghan and the belief that openness to others and social inclusion are vital.

Sandrine VERDIER

Sandrine Verdier



Loé Prod - Illustratrice

Loé Prod

Loé has been a graphic designer for more than 10 years. She has brought many characters, homes, trees, and happy people, especially our little Charlie to life. She also creates communications media for companies and training materials. All this work is done ethically in accordance with the environmental regulations promoting local partners and recycled papers.

Expats Parents - Association dédiée aux expatriés

Expats Parents

Expats Parents is a project launched and managed by Catherine Martel, psychologist who has been living abroad with her family for 15 years. This media collects key resources about expatriation, parenting, education, schooling, bilingualism, cultural adjustment, etc.

Expatriate families will find:

  • a collaborative website to help and better understand your Life as a family who travels
  • Facebook group where you will share your experience with more than 8 000 expatriate parents in more than 100 countries

Devenir Bilingue

Devenir Bilingue is the leading online magazine dedicated to foreign languages education and different tools to keep French as a mother tongue at home. 

You will find experts opinions, testimonies, practical resources, recommandations, and tips to progress for all ages.

Les Petits Expats

Les Petits Expats is an online magazine dedicated to expatriate children : games, books, contests, educative resources to keep the French language at home, testimonials of expatriate parents, and thematic dossiers.

You can discover:

  • several projects of partnerships between the little expat, our great ambassadors, and French schools. 
  • The Expat Shop where parents can try products and services at minimal cost.

Jeux 2 Langues

For a carefree bilingual or multilingual education, Jeux 2 Langues offers advice and training depending on your personal situation.
Advice, workshops and seminars are open to all families, teachers, health professionals,  and companies: every person that educates, raises or works with children, teens or bilingual and multilingual adults.

Kinder Exchange

Kinder Exchange provides total French, Spanish, German immersion exchanges for students 11 to 18.
Through our database, we connect two students of similar age, interests and home environment together.  They both get a chance to experience a new culture while taking turns staying in each other’s home during their vacations.